How is smoothie made

You have to admit that smoothie is delicious drink with rather thick texture, that’s given by blendedfruit. You can easily recognize the taste of fruits that are included in the blend. It’s so tasteful that

you wouldn’t believable that the drink is made of whole fruit. How is smoothie made?

The most important of all is freshness of the fruit. The fruit is being processed immediately after harvest.

The fruit is blended without cores and fruit pap is prepared.

There are no artificial additives in smoothies. Only sourer kinds of fruits such as strawberries,

cranberries and pineapple are stabilized by natural lemon juice.

The blended mixture is diluted with clean drinkable water to get a suitable consistency.

The drink must have a certain density, but simultaneously it must be comfortable for drinking.

A density keeps that pleasant taste of the drink is evolve in your mouth and you should have a pleasant feeling.

Freshly processed smoothie is heated for a very short period of time to specific temperature, for increasing its durability. This is a natural pasteurization, without the addition of artificial preservatives.

That allows to store the beverage for a long time while keeping all the ingredients in natural form.s

Luxury Fresh Smoothie is not only delicious but also very healthy drink. It contains a lot of antioxidants, because the fresh fruit is processed in gentle way, which suppress the unnatural cell proliferation and promote longevity.

Fresh fruit also means that you get a full dose of vitamins which is usually degraded f.e. by cooking.

Last but not least, fruit blend contains a fiber that is important for other physiological processes in your body.

Be healthy with Luxury Fresh Smoothie.


As a child I loved the frozen fruit pulp, which these days cost one Czech koruna. You had to scratch it with wooden spatula, it dissolved in the mouth, and it tasted clearly by fruit. The most common

flavor used to be strawberry flavor.

Today is in use a different, more modern technology, which processes whole fruits and drink is enriched by more vitamins, more minerals and other natural components of fruits which are really beneficial for the body.

As children, we didn´t have to worry about artificial ingredients even we didn´t know about them, because they weren´t used in products. They haven’t been invented yet.

When we thought about name for our smoothies, immediately we came up with a word Luxury, because it accurately reflects the wonderful experience of the drink which is prepared from fresh fruit.

It is like you just pluck the fruit right from the tree, you blend it and you prepare refreshing drink.

Just feel how new restorative power penetrates in your body, how it stirs the senses that vibrate to the great symphony.

That’s Luxury Fresh Smoothie. Those are results from the gifts of our beautiful country.

Organic food is exception in these days. And such an exception is our Luxury Fresh Smoothie.

No preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors. Only natural fruit, which gets all the relevant substances from the soil and from the Sun. It can´t be more natural. Freshly and gently mixed and there is a drink that could easily be called divine.

It’s a natural bomb of vitamins and energy. In a mass of artificial additives in food you get healthy natural drink that your body was waiting for.

Treat yourself to a freshness of mixed fruit or Luxury Fresh Smoothie. We ourselves are also big fans of it.